Finally, some "straight talk" about management, marketing & profitability...

Donald Cooper, MBA, CSP, HoF
Simply put, Donald works with business owners and managers who want to...
1. Create compelling customer value & experiences that will give them a clear competitive advantage.
2. Market, promote and sell more effectively in a crowded and cynical marketplace.
3. Create a dedicated and top-performing team.
4. Grow their bottom line
5. Manage smarter...and have a life.

Managing any business today is tough…and getting tougher. We're all faced with more demanding customers, more and stronger competition, increased complexity and shrinking margins. Mediocrity is no longer an option. On top of that, great staff are hard to find, lead and keep…and that problem won't go away any time soon.

Most businesses have either marketing or management challenges...or both. They don't have enough customers, or they're not as effectively and proactively managed as they need to be.

So, what's the solution? As business owners and managers, our first job is to be clear about these 5 things:

1. The compelling value and experiences that we commit to deliver,

2. What we commit to become,

3. How we'll get there,

4. The extraordinary bottom line that we commit to generate...and,

5. How we commit to behave along the way (our values, standards and ethics).

If we, as leaders, are not clear about these 5 things, who else in the business could possibly be? Most businesses lack this kind of clarity...and it's hurting them badly.

Then, to succeed, we must WOW our target customers, operate much more efficiently and attract a top-performing team. We need to understand the math of profitability and then have the courage to charge what we need to for the value that we offer.

Finally, because there are way too many other people selling what we're selling, we need to market, promote and hustle like never before.

If this is the message that you're looking for, along with "tools" to make it happen, we should chat about how Donald can be helpful.

Donald's experience and credibility. Donald has been in the trenches. He has been both a world-class manufacturer and an award-winning retailer. Cooper Canada became a world-leading maker of sports equipment and a Canadian brand icon. In the process, partners were bought out; the company went public, then went global; was unionized and un-unionized; opened an offshore factory; imported and exported; bought competitors and, finally, was sold to the wrong people.

Then, as a retailer, Donald fundamentally redefined the customer experience, for which he received 7 awards for marketing, service and business excellence ...including being voted Canada's Outstanding Innovative Retailer by the Retail Council of Canada.

Now, through Keynote speeches, interactive Workshops, transformational Management "Boot Camps" and management coaching Donald has helped thousands of businesses in over 40 industries throughout the world to create clear and compelling value, clarity of purpose and long-term profitability. Donald Cooper is "The Management Guy."

For his unique, bottom-line business insights and extraordinary ability to engage, challenge and inspire, Donald has been awarded the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, the highest earned designation in the world of professional speaking...and he has been inducted into the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame.

A quote from the Editor of Profit Magazine:
"A compelling, bottom-line business message...brilliantly delivered."
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